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Trello takes the pain out of project management

I discovered Trello a few years ago. I had a few projects on the go that I needed to track to help me plan. 

The projects ranged from business goals, to product development, to weekly and annual business tasks. There is so much to keep track of! 

What does it do?

Pretty simple really - You can create boards for each project, or company, and in each board you can create a card. 

For example, I have a Blue Arrow  board to help me organise my thoughts and projects, tasks and admin for the year ahead.

Example cards I have set up are:

> Business Admin

   - Payroll,  Bills, Risk Assessments

> Marketing

- Blog posts, adverts, events      

> Compliance

> Goals (weekly, monthly and yearly)

Within the cards I can list tasks, ideas, images, check lists. I can set deadlines, or email reminders.

Pretty handy.

I can also use the app on my phone and save ideas for blogs when I'm out or about.  

Collaboration on projects

Two years ago I was helping a client with the development of a new product. Trello helped the project team to keep up to date remotely. 

The designer, the MD and myself had access to the board for the project. 

We could assign tasks and projects with a timeline to get the product launched.

Thanks Trello.

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1 Comment

Aug 23, 2021

Greatt read thank you

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