Our story

Our story

To understand where you are going, you need to know where you came from

You know they say you're either right or left brained? Well, I somehow ended up with 'middle' brain, always been stuck between the analytical and creative.


After a career working in accounts and project management in the city, I decided to study theatre, a family trade.


Taking my new skills, I embarked on roles in theatre education, before running a department for a drama school. After a few years I wanted to spread my wings, I went freelance, However the arts are a volatile sector, so I needed to have something else for those quiet periods. Using my accounting background, I set up bookkeeping. Little did I realise what I had started...

I created a smooth digital infrastructure using apps like Xero and AutoEntry that meant my work could travel with me. But then things got bigger... first came Karen, then Katie, Robyn and Lucysoon followed. I've been very lucky to find such an incredible team with such valuable skill sets.


They needed work life balance, as did I. So we created a new type of accounting firm, a digitally focussed practice with real flexi-time. 


 Our business is centered around creating a wholesome experience for clients. For us, digital technology has enabled us to have those closer relationships with clients.  We don't want to work with clients after year end. We want to work with them all year. 

Our values 
Cutting Edge
Team Work

The Blue Team

Alexandra Burnett, Founder, Managing Director

Alexandra has a vision and then maps out the plan to get there. A night owl, and early bird.


Initially a bookkeeper by trade, Alexandra now helps clients with software, training and accessing commercial finance.


Alex is an influencer within the accouting profession and often speaks at industry events. Also the founder of Bond Ambition, a presentation and impact coaching consultancy. 

Greatest personal achievements? Her theatre degree and skydiving attached to a Red Arrow!


Usually found with a Rioja in hand.  Keeps tabasco in her handbag. 

Katie Donovan ACA CTA,

Chartered Accountant Katie, is a Blue Arrow Partner and our #taxconsultant superstar.


Previously having worked for Deloitte and Barclays Katie brings Big Four experience to our small Five with a refined corporate edge to independent business. 

Robyn Richards AFA ATA,
Management Accountant

With over 18 years experience with public listed businesses in the UK and worldwide and the public sector (NHS Dental Services).


Robyn is an experienced Financial and Management accountant and Project Manager  who likes to get her sleeves rolled up by getting involved with high growth, dynamic, IT and digital businesses across multiple sectors.


Her mission? To deliver financial, commercial and systems support to ensure businesses achieve their potential.


Karen Dines, 
Office Manager 

Karen the chief of all clients, schedules and data collection, with a professional background in Graphic Design, specialising in Branding for the financial sector.  Karen loves to organise people,feeling a thrill when when systems are in place and they are followed efficiently. 


Our longest standing team member, Karen keeps us all in check and checks in with clients regularly.  

Lucy Gray AAT,
CIS Champion

Lucy is the master of CIS, bookkeeping, and is currently studying CIMA. 

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