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Check out the fast features in Xero's new sales invoicing

Have you spotted Xero's new sales interface? It's a bit different in how it looks on screen, but they've added some excellent time-saving features for you. 

I've made a quick 7 minute run through of the interface for you here.

The highlights

The new look might take some getting used to but the shortcuts are going to make such a different to your sales invoicing process. They are pretty simple, but shaves off some unnecessary time wasting. 

> New contact Details

   -When you add a new contact you can now immediately add their address, number and contact email in the sales invoice page. Before you had to exit and update the contact, so this is going to make invoicing to new clients a LOT smoother. 

> Auto Due Dates

- They've added due date shortcuts - hurrah! You no longer need to work out, or scroll through to find the date, you can click the shortcut to enter the date you need.   

> Invoice Lines 

The layout has changed quite a bit - Take a look around to familiarise. It's all the same features as before, but in a different order. 

> Add to Inventory

Spot the three little dots at the end of an invoice line, one option  allows you to save the invoice line and add it to your inventory - a brilliant shortcut if you sell that item regularly.  

It will take some getting used to, but all in all a great new function - thanks Xero. 

If you need any help with Xero or training your team get in touch with me and we'll see if we can help. 

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